How difficult is Learning Musical instruments?
A: If you are inconsistent and take multiple gaps in the learning process especially during the first 2-3 years of learning, it is difficult if not impossible. The idea is not to set goals. A small child who starts music, goes through the chores of attending sessions regularly, practicing a bit and repeating this over a few years before being able to experience the difference all those years have made. As adults, we tend to set goals and are impatient in achieving those, and we want to achieve those with minimal effort. This does NOT work with music, unless at the end you only need a book full of compositions, but no ability to play. Bottom-line: Be patient, consistent for a couple of years with half an hour of regular practice - Learning music is Easy. .


How long will it take me to learn tabla?
A: Eternity would be the right answer for this. Any form of music is so vast, that its study is really never-ending. However if you want to accompany any other musical instrument or play on your own, One year of consistent effort would be required.


How many classes should I take?
A: 2 classes per week is advisable. It reduces the risk of wasting practice hours if you are playing things wrong, plus it gives enough time for learning. This will also speed up the learning process. If your profession does not allow you to manage more than 1 class per week, the pace of learning will be slower. If the students age is between 10-16, we advise three sessions a week to ensure consistence and quicker learning.


How do I schedule classes?
A: You will have to block the teachers timing and get a confirmation at least 24 hours before the session. We will remind you about different timezones, daylight savings changes etc, but the responsibility of booking the right slot rests on you. We have all our timings in IST.


How do I pay for the classes?
A: We accept payment through Paypal. Once you have decided the teacher and number of Sessions, we will send you a paypal link where you can pay using your preferred payment method


Can I get a Refund of my fees if I decide to stop the classes?
A: We do not have a refund policy. You will have to complete the sessions that you have paid for.


Can I read compositions and play it without a teacher?
A: As I have discussed in the Compositions section, there is no common notation system for tabla (in English). Also Percussion is all about tone modulation. It is just impossible that it can be achieved without a teacher. You will need to be learning tabla for at least 6-8 years to understand the notations and play it as it was intended to be.


Am I too old to learn any musical instrument?
A: We have seen students with ages ranging from 10 to 78 and with both making great progress by putting in practice time. We do not take students less than 10 years of age since the ability to stick to a 1 hour session is difficult before that, but there is no max age for learning Music.


Do I need to practice a lot?
A:  If you practice around half an hour every day, it should be enough. If you need to become an expert,  you would definitely need to put around 2-3 hours every day. If your profession does not allow you put in practice hours, but would still like to learn tabla, we suggest taking 2 sessions a week at least and inform the teacher that you will not get time outside the sessions to practice. In this case, the pace of learning slows, but one year down the line, you would still be playing better tabla than you are now


Can I cancel a class?
A: You will have to send a cancellation of session request at least 24 hours before the session. Failure to do so will count that session in your completed total. If for some reason the Teacher needs to cancel the session, it will not be counted in the completed sessions. We will either reschedule the session or will continue with the next decided session.

How do I get the compositions required to play?
A: Compositions would be shared in English over Skype chat/emails. If you want the compositions in Devnagri Script, you will need to inform the teacher before you start your sessions so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

What devices/Software will I require?
A: For learning how to accompany other music, YouTube links will be shared during the class. You will be notified before the session to be prepared with a phone/device where you can play YouTube videos. This device should preferably not be the one you are using for the Video Conference.



If you have any other doubts about learning Tabla or Online Tabla Lessons, do drop me an email at I will be glad to answer your questions.